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The Plague Documents

Marlissa Campbell's Writing Journal

Marlissa Campbell
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This is my writing journal where I post information about submissions, rejections, and sales, as well as odd tidbits that stimulate the muse.

Here's my current list of publications and details of where they can be found:

"The Stampeders" appears in New Fables, Summer 2012, edited by Tim Susman of Sofawolf Press. During the Yukon gold rush of 1897-1898, a young prospector finds his journey paralleled by an equally-determined spawning salmon.

"The Proust Effect" appears in The Tangled Bank; Love, Wonder, and Evolution, an anthology edited by Chris Lynch. The anthology launched on Darwin Day, February 12, 2010. An undercover agent tries to save endangered Earth species from aliens who communicate entirely by scent.

"The Knife in the Mirror" appearing in Neo-Opsis issue 15, 2008. John Dee, Queen Elizabeth I's astrologer, is confronted by an Aztec demon.

"The Resurrection Men" appearing in the Potter's Field 2 Anthology, edited by Cathy Burburuz, Sam's Dot Publishing. A young anatomy student in 19th century London solves a murder and furthers his own career.

"White Death" appeared in The Harrow Vol 10, No 1 (2007). In the aftermath of the American Revolution, a ghostly plague sweeps through a New England family.

"Promise Them Aught" appeared in Apex Digest issue #7, Fall 2006. Reviewed by Tangent Online. A mysterious doctor helps a city survive a devastating plague.

"Dracula's Pharmacopoeia" appeared in Horror Carousel issue #3, Spring 2005*. A team of scientists conducts research on a vampire.

"Germ Theory" reprinted by Peridot Books volume 23, Winter 2005. Story first appeared in HMS Beagle issue 98, March 16, 2001. A doctor tries to save a tuberculosis patient in a world where antibiotics no longer function.

"The Laboratory Notebook of Edith A. Brown, Ph.D." appeared in Eggplant Literary Productions Library July, 2004. Reprinted in this journal, 12/22/05. Excerpt from the lab notes of one of the scientists from "Dracula's Pharmacopoeia".

"Anatomy Lesson" appeared in Flashquake Spring 2004. A flash piece loosely based on personal experience.

"La Rage" appeared in the Extremes Five anthology, Lone Wolf Publications, 2003. In 1884-85, Louis Pasteur developed the first vaccine against rabies (la rage).


*Horror Carousel is available from Clarkesworld Books.