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What have I done?

Looks like I'm on for the Baycon Writers' Workshop. But...but...but...I thought there would be a panel, and then a bunch of us wannabees who would have comments prepared on each other's stories. Then the pros would make some pithy comments, and it could all be semi-anonymous.

No. There's only two of usvictims scheduled for the session I'm in (that is, me and one other). Plus four pros to skewer us publiclygently guide us toward the light.

This is going to be like a panel interview! Or a dissertation defense (I remember all too well how much fun that wasn't) :-/

The plus side is I only have one person's work to critique--and it looks interesting.


O Grace! I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!

:::happy pony tail dance of JOY (green Joy ::grin:: ) :::
Thanks, Ki! :-) *chews fingernails nervously*
::uploading chrome green nail polish for the occasion and to help you Stop biting your nails::

worked for my 10 year old ::grin::