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Monthly round-up (April 2006)

Let's see...

No word yet from Aberrant Dreams or Weird Tales. I queried Aeon today and received a very quick response that they had never seen the story I'd emailed back on February 1. I took Bridget up on her offer to resub it for a quick read. And the moral is: when in doubt, query sooner rather than later! In other activities today, I subbed "White Death" to The Late Late Show, and "The Stampeders" went out to The Pedestal.

I'm all registered for Baycon, but I'm not sure what's going on with the writers' workshop. I realized that the two workshop webpages had two different deadlines, and I managed to submit my story after one but before the other one. I sent a query email on Friday, but so far I've had no response. Oh well. I have a lot of good ideas on what to do with the story from the oww, so I'll just go ahead and revise and attend regular sessions instead. A preliminary schedule has been posted for the con, and it looks pretty cool.

Other than that, I'd scratched out a few notes on an idea for a flash piece with the idea of submitting it to Paradox's alt-hist contest.
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