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...Seems to be in the news a lot today.

First there's this silly young woman. *headdesk*

And then there's the story about the judge in the Da Vinci Code copy right case trial who embedded a coded message in his ruling document. Got to love a judge with a sense of humor and the wit to pull off something like that. Plus, thank goodness the stupid case didn't get anywhere!

I mean, I haven't read the book, but as someone who reads a lot of nonfiction and gets most of my story ideas from it...the idea that it could be considered copyright violation to do so was a new thing to worry about. I mean, what if one read a scientific paper and got an idea for an SF story, only to find out that the idea was copyrighted to the publishing journal (as authors publishing in scientific journals have to sign over copyright to the publisher)? What would happen to historical fiction?