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Blue form of death from Realms of Fantasy for "The Stampeders." Think I'm going to try The Pedistal with this one, when they reopen to subs on the 29th.

In other news, I've gotten pulled away from my daily crit rhythm on the oww, but I will attempt to get in a couple more before the crit marathon wraps up. One side benefit is running across other workshop members whose stuff I hadn't read before, but have discovered that I really like. And I've received about a thousand crits on my draft of "The Oracle of Building 42" (still have some more thank you notes to write!). I already made a few revisions based on early comments, and sent it off to the Baycon Writers' Workshop. So we'll see. It's one of those stories that I like, but I *know* it still needs a lot of work. So it's ripe for critiquing.

Best of all: it's stopped raining!!!! *quick finds wood to knock on* Now it's on with hay fever season!
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