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Monthly round-up (March 2006)

Stories out at Aberrant Dreams, Aeon, Realms of Fantasy, and Weird Tales. Not expecting to hear anytime soon from any of these except Aeon, but I think I'll leave it a bit longer before querying.

Didn't get anything new sent out this month, or even finished. Did make significant progress on reworking a story I'd started, but never finished, some time back. I'm still hoping to have it finished in time to send to the Baycon writers' workshop. Deadline is April 15, and I should make it...

I signed up for the April crit marathon at the oww. The aim is to do a crit every day. My goal, at the very least, is to finally finish off the handful of crits I need to complete to earn my second "bee" (which will only make sense if you're on the workshop, otherwise never mind). But here I sit with a shiny new completed crit ready to post...and the site is down.

In totally unrelated news, my new icon is a pic of my horse, Morocha. I've only had her since the end of January, and it has been raining almost every day since (sorry for the sound of whining). We're still getting to know each other, and we both have training and fitness issues which would be easier to work on if we had two dry days to rub together. My biggest worry at the moment is that the road will wash out. She lives on a farm about 10 minutes down the coast highway--just the other side of a notorious stretch known as "Devil's Slide." It's already slipping, and if it becomes undrivable, I'm looking at a two-hour plus round trip.
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