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Sent "The Stampeders" off to Realms of Fantasy today. At the very least, I won't have to worry about it for awhile ;->.

In other news, I've recently been in contact with some old friends from college days, who I haven't seen in *coughs* [way too many] years. Had a great phone chat catching with one who (unrealized by me until recently) lives locally, and happens to be one of the organizers for Baycon. So I'm definitely going this year! In fact I'm aiming to have something finished by the end of this month to submit for the writers' workshop. With that goal in mind, I pulled out a partial story (with notes and outline) that I abandoned a while back, but always intended to return to. I still like the basics of it, but it needs serious reworking. Time's a great editor, and I've an idea now what I want to do with it...

So, novel will have to take the back burner once again.
Tags: baycon, submission
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