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Always the bridesmaid...

Yet another "We liked it...but not *quite* enough to buy". *sigh* This one from Fantasy Magazine regarding "The Stampeders"...and not the first time I've heard that about this story. It's a 2,700 word fantasy (with literary pretension, hee!). So far, it's been to: Strange Horizons, F & SF, Lennox Ave, Son & Foe, Ideomancer, Aoife's Kiss, Lone Star Stories, Glimmertrain, and Fantasy. I'm thinking to bite the bullet and try RoF, but that means a trip to the post office in the rain.

Suggestions welcome!


I don't have any suggestions but wanted to wish you good luck finding a home for your story.
Thanks, Michelle! I appreciate the wishes! It's of to RoF now, so let the nail-biting begin!