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Just in case my head was swelling...

Rejection from Talebones for a dark fantasy story, "The Knife in the Mirror." Form letter with "wasn't right for us" circled, and a note at the bottom: "fun voice throughout yet not really what we're after."

The story has an Elizabethan setting, alchemy, a book sprite, and an Aztec demon. It's been to RoF, Aeon, F & SF, Fantasy, and (now) Talebones. 5,800 words. Market suggestions welcome, while I continue to search for a suitable home...


Strange Horizons leaps to mind. They're a pro market and everything.
Thanks for the suggestion, Jen. I thought about Strange Horizons, but it's long for them, though they waffle a bit on that score, so... Plus they've never liked anything else I've sent them *whines*, which I also know is not a good reason to not sub, because you never know.

So, since I had a nice hard copy already printed out, and I was going out so a stop at the post office was easy, I opted for Weird Tales. Actually seems to fit their guidelines pretty well. Also it will be gone for awhile, so I won't have to worry about it.

I will keep SH in mind though for whenin case it comes back again.