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eye of horus

Monthly round-up (February 2006)

Well, as I posted a couple of days ago, I sold a story to Apex Digest! Yippee! I don't have the details on which issue yet, but will post them once I know. The story is called "Promise Them Aught" and is sort of a creepy, mad-scientist twist on "The Pied Piper." It's one that went out to a lot of markets (15, not counting Apex), and got a lot of positive "but not quite right for us" responses. I was sure I could sell it, if I could just get it in front of the right editor. So there you go: persistence wins again :-)

Otherwise, I'm still waiting to hear from: Aberrant Dreams, Aeon, Fantasy, and Talebones on other stories.

February rejections from: Glimmertrain and Son & Foe.

Apart from that I've been making progress on the novel (working out characters and plot details), watching the Olympics, and working with Morocha. I still don't have a saddle, but it's supposed to be delivered on Friday!