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Apex Digest is buying "Promise Them Aught." I'm so pleased, it's been a while since I've sold anything, and this is a story that's had positive feedback from several editors but no takers--until now. Yippee! Will post details of issue when I find out.

Otherwise, no news on several other stories I have out there in various slush piles. I've doing a lot of background research for my belated NaNo novel, though no actual writing as yet. I really more background information on the times and characters I want to use. I'm nearly ready though. The oww is doing a writing marathon for March, and I think I might sign up for that to help me get moving.


Congratulations on the sale!
Thanks, Michelle!
::happy pony tail dance for you::
Thanks, Ki! Love that pony-tail dance! :-)
Woo hoo! Welcome to the Apex Digest family :D
Thank you, Jen. It's truly a great pleasure *big grin*