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January roundup

Better late than never...

Lots of rejection this month *sigh*. Specifically from: Whispering Spirits, WotF, Aeon, Baen's Universe, Glimmertrain, and Son and Foe.

Stories still out at: Aberrant Dreams, Aeon (different story to above), and Talebones.

Three sitting at home now, waiting for me to do some market research and figure out where to try them next.

Otherwise, I've not done any new writing for awhile, but I have been doing research and making notes for the novel I failed to make much progress on during NaNoWriMo. As evidence, I offer a recent post to my reading blog, "You Are What You Read".

And January was the month in which I bought my new horse, Morocha, a retired polo pony. So, in her honor, I give you my Leonardo's horse icon.
Tags: monthly round-up
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