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leonardo horse


Email from WotF yesterday:

Your entry did not place in the final selections for the 4th quarter 2005

Okay, so it's rejected, I get that. But does not making the "final selections" mean it got through a round or two? It would be nice to know.

In any event I need to start looking for another market for this 6,500-word SF story...

Renewed my membership in the oww; need to get back in the critting habit!

Need to get back in the writing habit for that matter. I have a fairly good excuse: I just bought a horse! Which bodes well for my getting fresh air and exercise, but perhaps not so well for my writing "career"--though I do intend to keep plugging away!


Where's the story been so far?
Um... It's been to the late SciFi.com, also Abyss and Apex (who hung on to it all summer, then finally rejected :-/). That (plus WotF) are all I have records of, but I have a sneaking suspicion I tried an earlier version at Anlog and F & SF (lost records in a computer crash, which is why I now keep submission records in a notebook!).
So there are still plenty of markets left for you to try, just not any pro markets.