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Subbed a story out to Son and Foe today. So, that's all my little homing pigeons away from the roost for a bit. I hope it takes them a while to find their way home again. I want to spend my copious *cough* free time writing instead of doing market research!

Also, I noticed that Oceans of the Mind has alternative history as their theme for the Summer 2006 issue (last submission date April 30). Not that I have any alt hist stories in the making, but maybe...


I think Son and Foe is on a poky jag, so you may be in luck.
Oh terrific! You've heard, haven't you, that I am the kiss of death to writing markets. I sub, they go belly up, the editor has a nervous breakdown, they suddenly become incredibly backlogged and close to subs, or they simply lose my submission, or their reply gets amnesia and disappears to find a new identity somewhere else...

Or else they turn things around in a couple of hours and I'm back looking again...
That was me for a while. I have one story that killed three markets (3SF, Metastatic Whatnot, and Coffee House). Fun!
Good luck!
Thanks! I could use some :-)