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Three submissions and a rejection...

Took a trip to the post office yesterday and mailed off a "The Knife In The Mirror" to Talebones.

Today, "The Stampeders" went to Glimmertrain. It might sell as literary, after all, large chunks of it are from the POV of a spawning salmon...

I also had a pleasant rejection (well, you know, as pleasant as rejection can be) from Aeon for "Promise Them Aught." "Your story is well-written and intriguing, but ultimately we decided it isn't quite what we're looking for." Wish I had a dollar... *sigh*

So that one's already printed out and in an envelope--I'll take it to the post office tomorrow for a trip to Shadows of Saturn.

Also finished and posted a crit for the oww. I'm feeling virtuous! Also, there are writers who post to that workshop whose work I like way better than much of what I read that is published. So, reading enjoyment *and* virtue, I can't complain about that!
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