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Three submissions and a rejection...

Took a trip to the post office yesterday and mailed off a "The Knife In The Mirror" to Talebones.

Today, "The Stampeders" went to Glimmertrain. It might sell as literary, after all, large chunks of it are from the POV of a spawning salmon...

I also had a pleasant rejection (well, you know, as pleasant as rejection can be) from Aeon for "Promise Them Aught." "Your story is well-written and intriguing, but ultimately we decided it isn't quite what we're looking for." Wish I had a dollar... *sigh*

So that one's already printed out and in an envelope--I'll take it to the post office tomorrow for a trip to Shadows of Saturn.

Also finished and posted a crit for the oww. I'm feeling virtuous! Also, there are writers who post to that workshop whose work I like way better than much of what I read that is published. So, reading enjoyment *and* virtue, I can't complain about that!


I wouldn't be so quick to send something to SoS. They've had a piece of mine since August (they have a reported "two month" turnaround time), have ignored two query emails from me, and haven't posted their December issue yet.
Thanks for the tip! I checked "The Rumor Mill" for gossip, and noticed that the return times were kind of slow--but didn't see anything suggesting they were slowed to a total halt :-(. I was kind of hoping for longer return times, so I can get some writing done in between the old stories bouncing home again!

I think I'll hold off and look around some more. This might be one I could try with Apex Digest. It's kind of a fairy-tale retelling, but it also features weird science (very loosely based on someone of my acquaintance who ended up at the center of a huge scandal), and there's horror elements as well. But I thought I'd try some higher-paying places first.
Apex Digest is drifting more towards SF Horror and less towards Dark SF, so keep that in mind. I like the market and all, but with that new focus, I'm having a harder and harder time finding pieces that might fit their needs. I just got a rejection on something I was sure they would like, but they said that it didn't have any horror element to it, so they couldn't use it. Feh.
By "horror" do they mean something with a supernatural element? This story has that, I'm a little less certain of the SF. The main character is a scientist, and the plot turns on what he is doing and has done in the past... But the ambiance is very fairytale. I've been sending it out as dark fantasy. It's one of those that most editors seem to like, but not in a buying way *sigh*
Not a supernatural element so much as a creep up the spine element.
Wish I had a dollar... *sigh*

That would just about cover postage, right? ;-)
Just about! At least the postage *out* if not the return ;->
{{{{{{for that squeezed dollar}}}}}}}

I find many things online Way better than published stuff. Virtue & Enjoyment could only found in reading!
Oh look! Your story-teller statue is an icon! Cool!

I think my tastes are a little "offbeat" (i.e. perverse) too *cough* so that of course colors what I like to read (as well as write).
I have eclectic reading/ writing tastes as well. Cubby holes and labels are for socks & cans ::grin::