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Spam, spam, and yet more spam.

I know I don't post here very often these days, mostly because I haven't been writing much lately (though I do have a new story coming out, which will be the subject of another post!). I do try to keep the place tidy though. I don't understand why, but I'm getting more and more spam comments every day. Like 5-6/day.

Some time ago I changed my account settings to screen comments from anyone not on my friends list. It was the only way I could think of to keep the spam from actually appearing on this journal. It still fills my inbox though, and I have to dump it all every once in a while. Today I went looking around for anything else I could do, and found something about disabling pingbacks. I don't fully understand what that means, but I've disabled it and I'm hoping it may help discourage spammers.

The upshot is that I don't want to discourage people from commenting or messaging me through LJ. So, my apologies if I've deleted your comment or message because it was buried in 32 pages of spam :-(.

If any more knowledgeable folks have suggestions for avoiding spam-comments, I'm all ears.
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