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Camera Obscura

Finished a story!

For the first time in way too long, I actually completed a draft of something new. Actually, it's a substantial rewrite of something I put together last year. Mostly it's been poor time-management and too damn much to do rather than writer's block, but whatever. If feels good to have something done. I'll be posting it to the OWW soon (need to get back in the crit habit first!). AND I have another story in the works. Yay me ;->


Finished a story!

Yay you, indeed!

Well done. :)


Re: Finished a story!

Thanks, Shereen! Hope things are continuing to go wonderfully well for you!
Hi Dave! I remember your story -- beautiful and thought provoking. Has an editor snapped it up yet? They really should!

I've been dabbling more in non-fiction than fiction lately. But I just set down the opening sentence of a story I've been thinking about for awhile. So maybe one of these days.