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Monthly round-up

For December 2005

Rejections from:

Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Lone Star Stories

Stories out at:

Whispering Spirits
Writers of the Future contest

Plans for January:

- Have one completed story I'm currently revising. I've done most the detailed stuff, but now I need to spread it out over the dining room table and consider the overall structure. It was originally told out of order, but some of the critiquers didn't care for that, so I've restructured it in a more linear fashion. But I'm not sure I like it. So... It's just something I haven't been able to concentrate on with the kids out of school and my parents visiting for the holidays. It's waiting for my first bit of quality alone time ;->

- I need to figure out what to do with a couple of my serially-rejected stories. I'm thinking to try Talebones with one. So, I need to print out a copy and take it to the post office next week. The other one I might try workshopping at Zoetrope. I opened an account there, but haven't really explored yet.

- Get back into the critting habit! I'm soooo close to earning a 2d bee on the OWW, but I've really fallen off the wagon this year. I want to do at least one crit per week there, plus I'll need to crit several stories on Zoetrope as well.

- Look over the all-sorts story bits I have on that back up disk I thought was lost, but now is found (yeah!), and see what can be salvaged. I still like some of those ideas, but serious rework is needed.

- Pick up again on my NaNo project. Even though I failed pretty miserably to make much progress during November, it's still a project I do want to complete. So, something I plan to make a steady effort on.
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