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hope diamond

Woo Hoo!

Neo-opsis is buying "The Knife in the Mirror"! I don't have details on the issue yet, but will post as I get more information. I am so, so, so pleased about this!

In other news, I have my copy of Potter's Field 2. Beautiful color cover and black and white illustrations. Not to mention eleven creepy and wonderful stories. All horror lovers should buy a copy immediately!

I'm afraid I'm still finding myself slug-like and disorganized when it comes to actually completing anything new. The essence of the problem is too many competing obligations and interests for my time, which makes procrastination way too easy. I'm working on it, and recent good news can only help.


Congratulations on the sale!

Is there anything that feels better than holding the published version of a story?


Well, there's holding one's newborn baby...*closely* followed by holding one's published story!

Congratulations on the sale!
Thanks, Michelle! I hope things are going well for you. I really need to start logging into this account more often. Part of the excuse for my lazinessproblem is I'm finding it soooo hard to face the computer after I knock off work for the day.