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Camera Obscura

No, I'm not dead, and Woo Hoo!

The Potter's Field 2 anthology is now available from Samsdot Publishing -- with my story "The Resurrection Men." I haven't actually seen it yet, but from the website, the cover art looks beautiful.

Otherwise I don't have much of anything to report: a bit of pottering, but I haven't finished anything new in...way too long. I'm failing at making the time to actually write (rather than simply scribble hurried notes) or post and comment much here either. *vows to do better*

Also, I want to apologize to a couple of people whose comments on the previous post I accidentally deleted when trying to get rid of some spam. Sorry. I appreciate the comments and did not mean to delete them.


Congratulations on (soon) getting to see that story in print! I always liked that story!
I apologize for taking so long to get back here and thank you!


Something called tagging.

Hi Marlissa,
I'm a regular reader of Maya Reynold's blogspot and she's tagged me and left me having to find six people I know to offer same. Bit of a problem - I don't really know Six people!!!.
If you're curious the link is on my blog.


I hope things are good with you and writing in general.

Mike Keyton

Re: Something called tagging.

Hey Mike, it's great to hear from you and to find your blog! I need a kick in the butt to get more involved in writing again, so please do stop by and kick from time to time.

Things are good on the whole. I think a lot of the time I used to devote to writing is now going to my horse. Which is fine, but I want to do both! Looks like we'll be socked in here with rain all week, so my chances of working on indoor stuff are improved.

I will try to undertake this meme, but unfortunately now I have to dash off to get some work done.

Hope all is good with you too!