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Monthly round-up (June 2007)

Not much new to report.

Rejections from Strange Horizons and Heliotrope. Still on hold with subs at Neo-opsis, Trabuco Road, and Renard's Menagerie. I'm planning to query that last one, as I've heard nothing yet and it's been awhile.

Potter's Field 2 is now filled, and scheduled for publication in October 2007, with yours truly on the TOC *happy dance*

I had some cards made on the free offer from "Moo Cards", and I have to say they are really nifty. Wish I'd had them to give out at Baycon.

Biggest news is that eldest son graduated from high school this month. It didn't seem like it would be that big of a milestone (it's not like him finishing was in any doubt), but somehow, it IS. He's off to college in the fall, and I'm torn be between being happy for him and desolate at the thought of his being gone. I do have plans however to get younger son to move his computer in the vacated room (where there's an internet connection). Yes, I realize he'll have less supervision, but I'll get my office back in the evenings!!!!!!
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