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Monthly round-up (May 2007) and Baycon

Stories pretty much in a holding pattern.

One in the slush at Strange Horizons

Another in the slush at Renard's Menagerie

Two stories in second read piles, one at Neo-opsis, and one at Trabuco Road.

So that's everything I have completed: either sold or out home-hunting.

A story WIP, that exists in scattered notes at this point. And bits and parts for a novel, that I really would like to get back to, but I want to finish the story first (at least a proper draft).

I probably won't get much done for the next couple of weeks. Eldest graduates high school next week, and my parents are arriving tomorrow. *sigh* I'll do my best to steal some time on the alpha smart.

Spent Sunday and Monday at Baycon 2007. Saturday I let my husband talk me into going kayaking at Point Reyes (Tomales Bay to be more precise), which actually turned out to be pretty fun. Oh, and part of the novel I'm supposedly working on is going to be set in that area, so it was a writing-related trip ;->.

Anyway, I have to confess I'm not a great con person. I'm shy, I'm not good at parties, and I can't remember names for the life of me :-(. Still, thanks to a dear old friend from college who is on the staff and knows everyone, I had a wonderful time. The most interesting talk I went to was by Janice Voss, former astronaut, currently Science Director for the Kepler Project, the purpose of which is to seek Earth-like planets orbiting distant stars. Most of the other sessions I attended had to do with various aspects of publishing. At one session on editing, the editor of The Journal of Irreproducible Results had a list of topics he'd like to see articles on. I grabbed it with glee, as there were several subjects listed that are things I've been interested in for some time. I'd love to have something published there, so I do plan to give it a try.
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