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Plague doc

I'm not dead!

...it's just that my home office tends to be full of noisy family during non-work hours, so I'm chased away from my internet-connected computer after 5 and on the weekends. Darn that pesky husband and kids!

Anyway, some progress to report:

"The Resurrection Men" will be appearing in Potter's Field 2. Woo Hoo!

Trabuco Road and Neo-Opsis are both holding stories for further consideration.

Other stories in the slush at Strange Horizons and Renard's Menagerie.

I am puttering away on something new, but sad to say it's not coming very fast.

Baycon is coming up over Memorial Day Weekend. I have bought my membership! My husband is dragging me off kayaking on the Saturday though, so my actual attendance is likely to be spotty.

And that's about it!


Glad to hear you're still around and still making progress!
Eeek! I am sorry for being so slow to get around to saying, "Thanks!"