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audubon bees


Subs out to Potter's Field 2 and Renard's Menagerie.




I found your blog, (http://plaguedocs.blogspot.com/), while searching for information on The Pythia Oracle as well as oracles in general and I must say I am quite impressed with your writing after reading a few of your entries. However, I noticed that you seemed to have stopped making posts and so would like to inquire as to the reason for that. Otherwise I will add you to my own blogroll.



Re: Amazing!

Hi oath,

Thanks for commenting! I know I haven't posted to my reading blog in a while (I've gotten bad about this one too). No particular reason; just laziness, I fear. I've thought about moving it over to Vox, which makes it very easy to include links, images, etc., but I haven't done anything about that either. Also, I didn't know anyone was actually looking at it, so I do appreciate the comment and general kick in the rear!




Re: Amazing!

Hey you're welcome, although saying that feels strange seeing as how I enjoy causing and being the result of so much activity ;)

Another question!

Do you have any interest in Nostradamus or other occult researching and writing?


Re: Amazing!

Apologies again for being so slow in responding.

Nostradamus, I haven't read up on. I had been reading up a bit on Synchronicity as something to use in a story. I can't recommend any particular books at this point, but I will probably get back to it!

Recently, I've been reading up on Ben Franklin, Mesmer, and the armonica. All Ben Franklin's correspondence is available online!

But now I have to get out of my office because my son is at his desk next to mine, playing World Of Warcraft with a noisy guild, and I can't stand listening to it anymore!!!


Ditto Oath

I thought you'd moved planets. There are four blogs I always check out on - (ritual procrastination before I start work) and yours is one of them
Mike Keyton

Re: Ditto Oath

Heh Mike!

Thanks for checking up on me :-) I don't know why I can't seem to keep up with things at all anymore. But then I guess I do know: I bought a horse last year. I love her dearly, and she gets me outside and exercising, but it does cut down on my computer time.