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No, I'm not dead

Just haven't had much report lately. In February we took a 10-day cruise to the Mexican Riviera, which conveniently originated in San Francisco. It was lovely until we left Cabo for the 2-day sail home, during which time my oldest son came down with a nasty case of Camphylobacter jejuni. He was very ill for a couple of weeks. No sooner did he finally get pretty much back to normal, when our area was hit with an outbreak of Equine Herpes Virus-I, a highly contagious and potentially fatal horse disease. No vaccine, no 100% effective treatment. So all the local barns/ranches have been on voluntary quarantine, and precautions have been extraordinary. Fortunately, the efforts appear to have paid off, and while we're not completely out of the woods yet, it's been about 3 weeks since any new cases have appeared.

Excuses, excuses, but seriously, writing has been on a back burner. I have been pottering around a little with a new story, but am no where near even having something like a draft at this point.

In the meantime...

Yesterday I received a rejection from Weird Tales for a story I'd submitted in early March of 2006, and withdrawn back in August. Good thing they didn't decide to buy it, because afaik it's still under consideration at Neo-opsis (although I just queried them today, as it's time...).

Polite rejection from The Harrow

Polite rejection with helpful comments from Clarkesworld Magazine

Form reject from IGMS

Other than that...I'm thinking to participate in the oww's annual April critithon. I should get moving, I think it started today.

Also, Baycon is coming soon to a town near me. Unfortunately, I've nothing to submit to the writers' workshop this year, but I'll definitely be attending at least part of the time. Anyone else going?
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