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Plague doc


Stories off to Clarkesworld Magazine and The Harrow this week.

Someone posted to The Rumor Mill about a sale to Neo-opsis. I've had one there since the beginning of August, and was notified some while back that it went into a 2d read pile...so maybe there's still reason to hope.

Also have one that's been in the queue at
since mid-October. The editor mentions on his blog that they're down to about 100 stories out of several several thousand. Hopefully mine is in that pile. Though of course maybe they've just lost it (which has happened to me all too often), and even more likely they'll reject in the end *sniff*. But heh, in the meantime, I have hope.

In fun news, I got a big box of goodies from Apex Digest: issue #8, my copy of Aegri Somnia, and (how could I resist?) a global domination mug. So, I'm all set.

Revisions to "The Oracle of Building 42" underway at long last.


::coveting your mug::

waiting IS the hardest part of life, isn't it!
It is indeed, especially when it nets nothing. So many times I've put off querying because the editors announced they were still considering, only to find out in the end that mine had been missing for (in at least one case) a year, and I could have been sending it elsewhere :-/

And the mug is great--had my coffee in it this morning and it set me up for the whole day ;-)