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audubon bees

Update; Happy New Year!

The holidays were pretty much insane, and before that I wasn't very well for a couple of weeks following Thanksgiving. So I am ashamed to admit I didn't accomplish very much in December at all.

A few things have happened though, so I will report:

"White Death" is now online at The Harrow. Yay!

I WON the Apex Digest drawing for displaying a banner for Aegri Somnia on my journal. My prize was a copy of Scott Nicolson's novel, The Farm--autographed and everything! My prize has arrived (thank you, Jason! *blows kiss*), and though I haven't had a chance to read it yet, it looks great!

Otherwise the only change is that "The Stampeders" came back from Aberrant Dreams. So I'm looking for markets, and easing back into a workable routine of writing and critting. Also among my New Year's resolutions are logging into this journal more often and being more sociable :-)


Hey. Thanks for blogging about the harrow! (I'm an editor there... if you're wondering why I'm thanking you).
Thanks for stopping by! I'm extremely pleased to have my work appear there :-D
Duly edited! Sorry, I forget it was signed, until I started reading and saw the sig *hangs head in shame*