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Monthly round up (November 2006)

Well, NaNoWriMo is over for another year, and at 25,998 total words, I am not a winner. But, heh, I'm not a loser either :-). I really did get what I wanted out of the effort: it forced me to establish some better writing habits and learn to make use of little dribs of time.

Regarding my putative historical-fantasy novel, it's going to take place in at least two different eras (possibly three), so at least I now have a definite handle on what I want to do with one of those eras (characters, scenes, and what details I *have* to research to make my scenes work).

Out of force of habit, I kept working on it this morning *big grin*

In other news...

The only change from last month is that "The Resurrection Men" came back from Horror Library 2. Their note makes it sound as if they gave it serious consideration, but maybe they were just being polite. I'm not sure where to send it next. At 5,500 words, there aren't that many markets left that I haven't tried yet. Call me defeatist or curmudgeonly, but I can't be bothered with subbing to Weird Tales or Cemetery Dance (even though I enjoy reading both these publications). I'm just out of patience with waiting for six months plus for no response at all. So I'm thinking maybe Talebones or Potter's Field Two.

My goals for this month are to whip "The Oracle of Building 42" into shape and send it out, and to look serious at spinning off a short story from my NaNo ramblings. There seem to be several age of sail/pirates themed anthologies seeking subs at the moment, which dovetail nicely with what I've been working on.

And that's it for now! New "Dr. Who" and "Battlestar Galactica" tonight -- woo hoo!
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