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Plague doc

Monthly round up (October 2006)

"The Resurrection Men" is still in the slush at Cutting Block Press's Horror Library, Vol 2".

"The Proust Effect" is at Intergalactic Medicine Show, awaiting its turn for rejection.

Aberrant Dreams has had "The Stampeders" since the end of July. Their guidelines say 1-5 months, so I guess in another month I can start to whine ;-).

"The Knife In The Mirror" is still waiting hopefully at Neo-opsis.

"The Oracle of Building 42" has been up on the oww, and has gotten some very useful feedback. As soon as NaNoWriMo is over I will take it down, polish it up, and send it winging on it's way into the world.

Another positive review of my story ("Promise Them Aught") in Apex Digest #7 up at SFRevu. Also, nice comments from Michele Lee on her LJ at leatherzebra.

Speaking of Apex, Aegri Somnia, an anthology of work by featured authors (including our own Jennifer Pelland!) is available to preorder. I'll post the banner, just as soon as I can figure out how to make it show up...

As for NaNo...I'm at 8,806 words as of yesterday, which is behind, but an absolutely amazing total for me. Wrote some more this morning, but haven't downloaded it off my alpha smart yet. "Win" or not, there'll be no losing. It's great discipline for me :-D

Right, back to NaNo with me for now :-)


I finally read Apex Digest #7 this morning and I just wanted to drop a note to say how much I enjoyed "Promise Them Aught", probably my favorite of the entire volume.
Thank you for making my day!

Please tell me, do you work in teratology? Because that's my field...and I'm wondering if we know each other...(it being kind of a small field and all).
Unfortunately, I can't claim to work in teratology. I have a strong but strictly amateur interest.