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Monthly round-up (Sept 2006)

"The Resurrection Men" is still with Trabuco Road, which hopefully means it's still under consideration.

Ideomancer rejected "The Proust Effect" with detailed comments. The comments are appreciated, but I'm not sure I want to rewrite this one--again. *sighs* It hasn't been to that many markets, and has come very close at several, so I'm going to keep trying. Not sure exactly where just yet...

"The Stampeders" has been at Aberrant Dreams since the end of July. Their guidelines say response times of 1-5 months, so I guess it would be premature to query. And presumably they're backlogged, as they're closed for submission until January.

"The Knife in the Mirror" is somewhere in a second-read pile at Neo-opsis. They warned me it would take awhile, so I'm determined to remain patient.

Apex Digest has been saved--YAY! And issue #7 should be out soon (including my story, "Promise Them Aught")! I'm devastated that I didn't win any raffle prizes, though (unlike jenwrites, who won at least a couple *sniffs in envy*).

"White Death" should appear in the January issue of The Harrow.

In other news, I finished revising "The Oracle of Building 42". I want to have another look at it, then repost to the oww for another round of comments. Which reminds me, I've been very bad about critting lately and need to get back to work.

Also, as suggested by the little logos all over my journal, I took the plunge and signed up for NaNoWriMo this year. I don't honestly think I'll win (which is a bad attitude, I know), but I figure any word count I get down is better than the no word count I have at the moment. So it's all good. Anyway, I've been slowly researching this project for some time, but I'm devoting October to trying to put some kind of outline together and organizing my notes.
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