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hope diamond

Sub stands for "subscribe" as well as "submit"

Apex Digest has fallen on hard times and may be forced to fold if more folks don't subscribe. apexdigest explains the details here (And yes, you will be reimbursed if you subscribe and the magazine still folds).

Losing this publication would be a serious shame, and not just because I have a story in issue #7, which is currently in limbo at the printer's. It's nifty, beautifully-produced magazine that fills an otherwise empty niche for dark SF stories with horror leanings.

So if you've seen the magazine and ever considered subscribing...this would be a really good time. If you're not familiar with AD, but like your SF with a dark twist, and/or your horror with SF roots, have a look, give it a try--you won't be sorry!


If you're interested, I've set up an old-fashioned raffle with fairly staggering prizes to do some fundraising for Apex Digest. You can buy a ticket to put your name in the hat to win autographed copies of books, art, video and other strange goodies. Tickets are a dollar each.

On Friday, September 29th, we'll draw names and hand out the prizes.

You might win an autographed book by M.M. Buckner, Geoffrey Girard, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kevin J. Anderson, Brian Keene, David Louis Edelman, and more. Or how about a copy-edited manuscript of a Ben Bova novel? Would you like a signed first edition hard cover of The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russel? Maybe you’d want to have your story professionally edited? Stop by and see which things you covet.

What a great idea!

Thanks for the notice! I have a little money in a paypal account, and will definitely be splitting it between the raffle and stuff on the Apex site.

Re: What a great idea!

Yay! Thank you for supporting Apex.