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Monthly round-up (August 2006)

Subbed "The Resurrection Men" to Apex Digest. It's quite different in style to the one they bought, so I've no idea if they'll like it. But I figured I'd never find out if I didn't try...

As I reported in my last post, The Harrow said they wanted to buy "White Death," and that a contract would be arriving shortly by email. So far, I've heard nothing more, so I'm having this horrible fear that it was all a mistake. I hope someone was just on vacation...

I subbed "The Proust Effect" to Strange Horizons. I have this horrible feeling I may have already sent them an earlier incarnation of this story (which they rejected if I did), but I couldn't find any record of having done so (and my records are otherwise pretty complete). I tend to trust black and white over my memory, so I sent it anyway. Fingers crossed that if I have committed such a horrible faux pas that: a) it's different enough they don't remember, b) it's new fiction editors reading, so they won't remember, and/or c) they're in a forgiving mood.

"The Stampeders" is still in the slush at Aberrant Dreams, and "The Knife In The Mirror" at Neo-opsis.

I finally got back to work on revising "The Oracle of Building 42." I've many good critiques to help me...maybe too many... But still, with the kids back in school and after-school sports, I have a lot more peace and quiet than I did during the summer (when I had, well, none). Other than finishing that one, my plan is to be ready for NaNoWriMo this year, and make some serious progress on the novel I've been picking at for some time. In the meantime, I might just take some of that and spin off a short story for Sails & Sorcery anthology. Oh, I have a couple of ideas which just might work for that one...

Wish me luck!
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