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Sale! ...and rejection

The Harrow wants to buy "White Death"! The story is set just after the American Revolution, and features tuberculosis and breath-sucking vampires (the only blood-letting is performed by the doctor). I am deliriously happy that this story has found a good home.

I actually got the email yesterday, but all it said was to check the log on their website. I had a headache at the time, and was so certain it would be a rejection that I couldn't bring myself to read the comments on the website until today.

By way of maintaining balance in my life, Allegory (formerly Peridot Books) rejected "The Proust Effect." It was close, and a very complimentary rejection, but still... This is the same story which was a semifinalist for WoTF. *sighs*

Still, the kids go back to school tomorrow, and maybe I'll get back to writing again!
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