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Writing links

A few favorites of mine:

My reading blog: "You Are What You Read". This is where I make notes about some of the weird stuff I like to read (and get story ideas from).

The Online Writing Workshop. A password-protected critique-exchange workshop for F/SF/H stories and novel chapters. Giving and receiving is incredibly helpful.

The Rumormill at Market news and advice.

Ralan's market listings. F/SF/H story and poetry market listings--includes professional, semi-pro, and "for the love" rates of pay.

Story Pilot. Searchable market listings. Very handy.

The Black Hole. Market response times.

Inspiration. The best mind-mapping software out there. Keep track of your research notes with links to the web or files on your hard drive. Push a button to go from graphic view to outline. Push another button to dump your outline into your word processor of choice. You can download a free demo from the web site.

Dramatica writing software. Not for everyone, but I have "Writer's Dreamkit" and love it. It has really helped me focus. This site also has free demos available.

Furl web-link organizer. Get a free account with furl and keep track of all those sites and articles you find on the web in the course of doing research for a story or novel.

And that's probably enough for now!
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