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Monthly round-up (July 2006)

Rejections from Horrors Beyond II and Grendelsong.

Still waiting to hear from The Harrow. They have an online tracking system, so I know they have it and it's been assigned to a reviewer, but no progress yet.

Weird Tales never responded to the query I sent a month ago, and I sent the story to them on March 3rd, so I withdrew it. I sent the story out to Neo-opsis on August 1st, and received a note back on the 4th telling me that the first reader liked it (yay!), and has passed it along to the editor. Also warned me that it might be as long as 8 months to wait now. Well, at least I know they have it and are considering it!

I also queried Peridot Books on August 2d, and heard back the next day that my story there is in a "maybe" pile. There go my fingernails--figuratively, that is. In reality, I'm more likely to eat too many tortilla chips.

That leaves me with one story sitting here that needs to be sent back out. As it does have both science and horror, I'm thinking to try Apex Digest, though this one is quite different from the story of mine they bought.

In other news, the road over Devil's Slide opened yesterday, which is the best thing to happen to me all summer. This means I can go ride, or at least visit, Morocha every day, and skip the stress of a lengthy, traffic-filled detour. In fact, I'm headed to the stable as soon as I post!

Unfortunately, I'm still not getting much new writing or revising done, or critiquing. It's not so much "writer's block", as a failure of organization. The ideas and scribbled notes are there, just not the time to sit down and do anything with them. Of course things like vacuuming and gardening aren't getting done either. Really, getting back to the school year routine should help me no end. I feel awful hating summer, but I do. There, I've said it.
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