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And yet more rejection

This time of "The Stampeders" by Grendelsong. Back to the old market hunt...

Summer is always a difficult time, with the kids home and needing to be driven here and there, on top of the usual work crises. So, I'm still not getting much writing done. I've decided to do my annual trek though my copy of The Artist's Way. I find myself doing this every summer, and it actually is helpful. Especially the "morning pages" habit. Annoying, but it really dumps all the stray thoughts from my brain and helps organize them. And I've solved many the writing dilemma in the midst of compiling to-do lists.

On an good note: the headline in the paper today says that Devil's Slide will re-open as of August 4th (we had been told to expect some time in September). That will make life much more pleasant for many people--including me! I'll be able to see my horse every day, instead of 3 times/per week. The drive to see her will be 10 minutes each way, instead of the 1-2 hours (depending on traffic) I've been stuck with since April. So yay for that!


The Artist Way is a book you love to hate. Great stuff in it but O the junk you've got to wade through at times ::grin:: Morning Pages are worth it, as are several little "truths" and the Ah Ha moments, at least IMHO.
Oh, yes, I agree. Much best overlooked, but also much I've found useful. Primarily just going through it helps me refocus and find some self-discipline. (which I'm sadly lacking in ;->)