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Monthly round-up (June 2006)

I feel pretty much like a slug, as I haven't gotten any new writing done in quite some time.

I have lots of good excuses for June. No, they're not actually good excuses, but there you go. Youngest graduated 8th grade, which was an incredible kerfuffle of grandparents coming, rehearsals, last minute clothes shopping (for said son), and parties. More than a little over the top, imho, but he was in a small school with a tight-knit community, and finishing was a big, big deal. Still, I'm very happy that he graduated--next year they'll both be at the same high school which is in walking distance. Yay, no more school runs! Though I'm sure there'll be plenty of other places to drive them :-/. In fact that's the story of my summers: trying to work around driving them places, and having peace and quiet only in the early mornings before they get up.

Then I was off to Tucson for a week for a scientific conference, and all that plus the usual family and horse stuff pretty much ate June.

The good news is that the ToC for issue #7 of Apex Digest has been posted, and there I am! Definitely a thrill :-)

Still waiting to hear from:

Horrors Beyond Anthology - according to their guidelines, responses should be out by July 31.

The Harrow - according to their online tracking system, it's been assigned to a reviewer, but that's all. The story went to them on June 16th, after a complimentary rejection from The Late Late Show.

Peridot Books - their latest submission cycle ended June 30, and they are reading for the September issue, so I should hear something soon.

Grendelsong - sent "The Stampeders" there after a quick and encouraging rejection from FBS e-zine. Anyway, Grendelsong says they normally respond in about 30 days, and we're not there yet.

Weird Tales - I have yet to hear from them on a submission from March third. That's way past the latest response times posted to the Black Hole--although there's nothing recent there, and I've seen nothing recent reported on the Rumor Mill either *grinds teeth*. The editor has moved, and I bet my submission is lost. That would be the story of my life... I queried by email on July 6, but no response as of yet.

Other than that, my Baycon story is still awaiting revisions, and I have a couple of germinating ideas I've made a few notes for. Hoping to have something more to report by the end of July (apart from yet another birthday, boo hiss).
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