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Rejection and submission...

Polite rejection (expressed interest in seeing more) of "The Stampeders" from FBS-ezine. So, today I shipped it off through the ether to Grendelsong. It has some fairy-tale elements, so we'll see...

As of Sunday I'm off to Tuscon for a scientific conference. I probably won't notice the heat due to spending all my time in over-air conditioned meeting rooms, but since it's probably going to be my only "vacation" this year, I hope to find some time to enjoy myself as well. It's being held in a fancy resort, so there's spa-stuff and swimming. Too bad I don't play golf. I'm also taking along some projects to work on in quiet moments. And hey, maybe I'll get some story ideas from the presentations ;->

So if I'm even quieter than usual for awhile, that's why.


Oooh, please Spa for me at least once! Jacuzzi with you know citrus type aroma stuff would be MY favorite, I think... LOL

Hope you learn a LOT & Praying you are showered with ideas.
Thanks, Ki!!

A friend treated me once to a spa aromatherapy massage. I am smiling just remembering! Oh yes, must see if they do something like that. And Jacuzzis are always teh bliss :-)

Thanks for the prayers and good wishes too :-D


Good to hear!

Please do keep submitting! I look forward to reading more.

Jay Tomio

Re: Good to hear!

Thanks for the encouragement!