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Plague doc


Very encouraging rejection from The Late Late Show. Editor had nice things to say about the story, but they've changed their guidelines since I subbed and no longer accept stories over 5,000 words. He asked me to send anything else that might be suitable--which I would do, except that all the horror stories I have are currently in other slush piles, and are over 5,000 words. *headdesk*

I think I will try The Harrow with "White Death" next, and hope for the best.

Must train myself to write shorter horror stories...



when you figure out how-to write shroter & actually LIKE it, let me know!!!!
I think most of the shorter pieces I've written--from "flash" to anything under about 5,000 words--are more stylish, and less about building a world, establishing rounded characters, and developing a plot. It just takes (me) more like 6-7,000 to do that, even with a story-sized idea (as opposed to an idea that secretly wants to be a novel).

Not much help, huh?