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Monthly round-up, Baycon, and a meme!

Best news first: got my contract from Apex Digest on Saturday, so I signed and dropped it back in the mail today *rubs hands together with glee*

In other story news this month, I had a rejection from Abyss & Apex. That story has now gone out to a new market, FBS E-zine.

Still waiting to hear from: Horrors Beyond II Anthology, The Late Late Show, Peridot Books, and Weird Tales.

Baycon was great. It was my first con (other than a handful of media cons), so I dipped my big toe in this year, and yes, now I have the bug. My lovely friend, Nora, who is on staff, took me under her wing and introduced me to a lot of people. I was commuting, and so didn't stay for parties, but next year...look out!

I survived the writers' workshop in one piece as well! This was my first experience of face-to-face critting, so I was apprehensive, but everyone was very nice--which isn't to say they weren't critical, they just knew how to do it with class. There was one other sacrificial victim, and a panel of four writers (Lori White, G. David Nordley, Kevin O-Donnell Jr, and Morgan Hua). I gather the format (a few minutes for each critter to say their piece, then questions and open discussion) was pretty standard, and everyone gave me written notes as well. Naturally some of the comments were contradictory, but, heh, I have a lot to think about, which was the purpose.

And last but not least! wistling tagged me for the "username explanation" meme. "Plaguedocs" was the name I came up with when I started my reading blog, You Are What You Read back in December of 2002. I always loved the image of the plague doctor: leather "beak" stuffed with sweet-smelling herbs, crystal "goggles", gauntlets and all. Plus I keep finding myself reading about infectious diseases, as well as incorporating those microscopic monsters into my stories. TB, polio, and rabies have all featured so far. Smallpox and Hansen's disease are currently incubating.

So that's it, really. And, btw, wistling is a very cool username, with an interesting story behind it.

As for June plans... With a big work project to finish, an 8th grader graduating next week, parents coming to stay for said graduation, and a trip to a professional conference at the end of the month, I don't expect to get much writing done. I'm planning to work on revisions to my Baycon story while I'm away. Other than that, it'll mostly be jotting notes for a couple of germinating ideas and bouncing any stories that come back to me right out the door again.
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