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Started today, actually, but as I have to work, I won't be heading out until tomorrow. And since I'm in commute distance, I'm not planning to stay (although a friend has promised me crash space, so we'll see...) My writers' workshop session is tomorrow from 1-4pm. I've been through my assigned chapter and made some notes; today I need to go back over everything and organize some (hopefully) sensible comments for the author. Also better re-read my own story, so if specific questions are raised, I'll be able to do better than a blank look. I've never been to a lit con or participated in a face-to-face workshop before so...

In other news: "The Stampeders" came back from The Pedestal, so I've shipped it off to Abyss & Apex. Everything I have completed is out looking for a home. At least there haven't been any rejections lately *looks around nervously in fear of having tempted fate*.
Tags: baycon, rejection, submission
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